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Since July 1999, it has become mandatory for building owners and managers to comply with Victoria Building Act 1993. With the introduction of the Building Regulations 2006, the Keo Group Australia was has helped building owners and managers comply with their obligations.

With over 18 years experience in the building industry we have prided ourselves in providing innovative solutions, practical tools and compliance systems.

• Maintenance Tender Services & Documentation

Conduct site inspection for Essential Safety Measures non conform
Outline statutory requirements and required procedures
Issue Tender document for selected service contractors

• Maintenance Determination & schedule

Site inspection to identify Essential Safety Measures are present
Make recommendations to meet the Maintenance Determination requirements
Implement practical solutions that is cost effective

• Compliance Review Management

Complete support and book keeping for compliance
Update on quarterly basis and issue all document electronically
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• Passive Systems Inspection Service

Routine Inspection of exit doors and paths of travel to exits
Annual inspection for passive systems, fire and smoke doors
Inspection logbooks are provided for each component.

• Compliance Technical Support & Training

Ongoing technical support are provide for members and clients
Update and inform client of legislative notices and changes
General training and seminars are provided

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