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Keo Group Australia understand that building compliant has to be more than technically correct-it has to be commercially correct.

One of the most effective ways to meet these regulations is by utilising the Building Compliance Diary & TEST-KiT simplified products. A simple document designed to keep track of contractors' inspection activities, house keeping records and all required compliant documents.

We can also help building owners and managers satisfy their obligations under the ACT and Regulations by establishing Maintenance Tender documentation to meet these requirements.

The experience of Keo Group Australia encompasses a wide range of services and products to its clients. The following lists some of the capabilities and specialised skills offered.

• TEST-KiT Products

A simplified product for Contractors & Inspectors to meet their obligations
Self manage for building owner / manager
Working section for kept on-site in a secured cabinet
Hard copy only with the option to be upgraded with compliance systems
Operate with the conjunction of the Building Compliance Diary

• Building Compliance Diary

Essential document for all compliance requirements
Hard copy and in electronic version using ESC-KiT system
Operate with the conjunction of the Compliance Review Management package
Usually kept in an approved location for auditing purposes

• Maintenance Tender Document

Customised for each client and building
Developed for for tendering puproses
including Fire, Passive , Mechanical, electrical and lift services
Formal contract agreement for client and servicing contractors

• Essential Safety Measures Security Cabinet

Required for storing inspection logbooks and Test-KiT products
Security keys with 003 fire contractors
Simple cabinet for installation and kept on-site

• Design & Development of Evacuation Plans

Evacuation Plans design using AutoCadd software
Develop and draw floor layout using existing floor plans
Site confirmation to determinate safety equipment and locations.

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