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ESC-KiT Compliance System

ESC-KiT2000X Complete Maintenance System

ESC-KiT Compliance System is a unique tool used to control maintenance. The ESC-KiT system is used to:

- Establish the Essential Safety Measures present in your building
- Generate compliant inspection schedules
- Prepare a customised Building Compliance Diary for central data
- Specify inspection & testing standards and frequencies
- Ensure that procedures are being done as per contract agreement
- Generate required records and compliance forms.

KEO Group provides you with complete support to manage your obligation, ensuring all your compliance activities are met.


All Essential Safety Measures maintenance requires records of testing and rectification works to be kept for compliance purposes. These are usually in the form of logbooks in accordance with Australian Standards requirements. To comply we have broken into 5 basic steps:

Step 1 – Data collection, evaluation and input into ESC-KiT2000X reporting system
Step 2 – Customised documentation (include diaries and logbooks)
Step 3 – Collate inspection logbooks (by owners, managers & contractors)
Step 4 – Report defects and Repairs
Step 5 – Compliance audit check and sign-off

Step 1 Collect essential safety measures data using Data Collection Forms. Data relating to Essential Safety Measures present in a building is obtained from drawings, evacuation plans, occupancy permits or determination by site inspection and service agreements.

Step 2 All information available are evaluated to set-up a customized Essential Services Central Data or usually called the Building Compliance Diary with all sections include: building information, Essential Safety Measures details, inspection schedule, ESM annual report and inspection records.

Step 3 All inspection logbooks from service contractors and in-house staff are collected and filed under relevant sections for all disciplinary services.

Step 4 Identify and verify any system defects noted on the inspection logbooks and make repair to Australian Standards.

Step 5 Annual review of all records contained in the diary to confirm the compliance of the maintenance according to the schedule. Once repairs are completed compliance forms can be signed and displayed on site.



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ESC-KiT System Flow Chart - PDF file.